Iara Beach

the hotel

Iara Beach Boutique Hotel represents the alluring siren’s famous world. The Hotel is situated on the breathtakingly beautiful coastline of Itapua, next to elegant and luxurious resorts and fancy beaches.

Our hotel is a modern refuge catering for all interests of our clientele who look for relaxation and recreation and consider first-class service, convenience and exclusive environment important. Besides a total relaxation, our sandy beaches offer facilities for those who are keen on water sports. The lovely afternoon is topped off with the sunset when the beach is pervaded by magic and mystery. Then you can enjoy the fine and breathtaking view of the city of Salvador and the sunset.

Brazil’s capital of happiness

Salvador is the second most popular tourism destination in Brazil, after Rio de Janeiro. Tourism and cultural activity are important generators of employment and income, boosting the arts and the preservation of artistic and cultural heritage. With its outstanding beaches, humid tropical climate, numerous up-to-date shopping malls, the city has much to offer its residents and visitors from Brasil and all over the world.


Itapua is an old fishing village covering the most beautiful beaches of Salvador. The name of the village means “rounded stone” in the Tupi language. Here you can enjoy the most marvellous sunsets which mesmerize the unsuspecting visitor with the magical crimson-coloured silhouette of the metropolis.


Iara is a wonderful mermaid, the Venus of the Amazon, the Aphrodite of Bahía Bay. According to the legend, every full moon she turns from beautiful girl into a powerful creature who is partly covered in scales, bewitching the young with the power of music and beauty. She lures them to her underwater palace where life is one of constant joy, happiness and celebration. She wears a bright star on her head and when she starts singing after sunset, her ethereal voice mesmerizes mortals’ hearts. Her seductive character drives you into temptation, but at the same time she embodies humans’ eternal longing for legendary beauty and heavenly happiness.

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